Saturday, April 2, 2011

April already!

Good Morning bloggers, can you believe it's April already! Like they say, time flys when you're having fun!! Still putting the finishing touches on the new place but it's coming around nicely. I really like it. SO MUCH better than that last place. I'll post some pics. when I get the chance later. I really like the revamp of my scrapbooking room. My 'table' turned out nicely, even better than planned. More on that later. Still have a few more pictures to put up about the Treasure Hunt but today I am going to the Fine Arts Festival in Tarpon Springs with my friend Sandra. Have a couple of errands to run on my way over there...forgot about some pictures that I had made at the Wal-Mart over there and I need to drop off my passport at Scraporium so I can be entered in the drawing. Wouldn't that be a fun thing-to win the drawing. First prize is $900 worth of gift certificates, $100 to each of the participating stores. Yes, that would DEFINITELY be fun! The new job is going well although the supervisor is a puttz. There has to be one in every crowd, I tell ya!!! Well, I need to get some things done around here before I take off so have a great Saturday! Hugs, ~Jody