Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good Morning Ladies, hope your Valentine's Day has started off well. I can finally put up the pictures of the valentines present I sent to my sister and the one to my daughter. I didn't want to put them up yet as they hadn't received them yet. I gave my daughter hers yesterday and I sent my little sister's last Thursday so she should be getting it today. Any way, here's a shot of what I made each of them for Valentine's Day. I found these little metal trays at the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1. I added some TH aged mahogany distress crackle paint to the outside edge and then decorated up the inside. The letter 'C' I added some tattered rose distress crackle paint to and then touched the edges of it with vintage photo distress ink while it was still wet. The effect was pretty cool, I thought! The hangy thing on the left is a wooden tag that was distressed as well and then I added a TH valentine stamped piece of paper to it and a little hangy heart from the dollar store. The other hangy thing is a skeleton key from my collection and heart locket, and some beads from my collection. The big heart in the center is a spellbinder die with embroidery floss wrapped around it and a little wooden heart in the center. I added a few other embellishments until it looked like it was full and then I quit. I just love how it turned out. Here's a shot of the one I did for my daughter, Miranda. They each have a hanger on the back I added by hammering a nail through the metal and attaching it with a brad so they can hang on the wall. I know my daughter liked hers, sure hope my sister likes hers. Hope you all have a splendid Valentine's Day. I'm going to pig out on the chocolate covered cherries I bought for myself yesterday. They are in the freezer just calling my name, lol. I will leave you with a shot of the inside of the Valentine's day card I made for the tea ladies. The one that I did for the challenge last week. Scroll down to see the outside with the vintage little girl . Hugs, ~Jody

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Treasure Hunting!

Have you made your reservations for the Treasure Hunt yet? Time is drawing near! Went to a class last night to make a "Pirate Necklace" to wear on the hunt. It turned out pretty cute, don't ya think? The class was held in Lakeland which is approximately 48.5 miles from my job in St. Petersburg. I had to cross old Tampa Bay and by that I mean a 7 mile bridge over lotz and lotz of water, through Tampa during 5 o'clock rush hour traffic, over to I-4 and then turn south on the Polk Parkway. Good thing I left a bit early. It took me an hour and 35 minutes to go those 48.5 miles, not to mention the half a tank of gas I used up. Sure glad I like that necklace, it's going to be around for a long, LONG time. Here's a few more shots of it. The Treasure Hunt is the weekend of March 12-13 and we will all board a bus to go check out all the scrapbooking shops around the Tampa Bay area. It will be a two day excursion coming back at night to sleep in our own beds, well most of us anyway. My sister Charmin will be coming over for the festivites so she will have to sleep at my place Saturday night. It should be great fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Decided to try my hand at the CR84FN Color Challenge this week. For the February Valentine's Tea Party this month we were requested to bring an old valentine for each person. I may have gone a little over board with mine but what the heck!! Here's the colors that we are supposed to use for the challenge. Here's the card that I created for my challenge I had a bunch of left over soft pink (CTMH Blush) from some Christmas cards that I made a couple of years ago so this was perfect to try and use it up. The remainder of the colors, bright pink and brown I had in my stash. The little girl picture was a free download from Heartwarming Vintage. I decorated it up with some MS gold glitter glue and a border stamp from CTMH (Heartfelt Christmas #C1378). Of course, the coloring is a bit off because I always have to take my photographs at night because I have 'work' duty during the week, lol! I opted to make them a different size this time. They actually fit a legal size envelope. I believe they call them #10. Anyway, they were fun to put together and still have a few more to go so I'd better get busy. Hugs, ~Jody

New Old Shelf

I was looking on craig's list for a shelf for my daughter's kitchen and I found this. It was $20. An oak bookcase for $20, I'll take it. It was in really good condition and it's pretty good sized. It would never work for my daughter's kitchen because of the scroll work on it. She prefers a more abstract modern look. Me, I'm all about old fashioned, traditional stuff. Thought it would work great in my craft room. Was going to buy another one of those white shelving units (the ribbon holder ones from Michael's, ya know) but then I found this. I took it home and sanded it down! And painted it up! White! Semi-gloss Bright White! Take a look at my new shelf now!!!!!!!!! I don't have it all loaded up yet but have been trying out a few things on it. Found some baskets at Michael's for 40% off, $2 a piece and I found 5 of them that matched somewhat. I just need to take the time to put everything on it. The one corner where there is a gap in the wood I have since caulked and repainted. That corner bothered me for some reason so I fixed it, one would never know, lol! And it's twice the size of the one at Michael's and 1/4 the price, LOVE IT!!! I plan on buying a sheet of plywood and making a table top for it to sit on and I will attach it with L-brackets. I'll paint it the same color and probably a couple coats of polyurethane so I will have a nice working surface. YEAH!