Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I wanted to show you what I have been working on this past week.  I joined an ATC (Artistic Trading Cards for those that don't know what that stands for-I had to ask too, lol) Club.  They are baseball sized cards that you make up yourself, embellishments and all, and put your name on the back as well as the theme of the card, your blog address, if you have one and then you number them, i.e. 1 of 20, 2 of 20, and so on.  They should also have a date.  The first ones I made are going to be for the July meet so the theme was "American Made".  I have a little sneek peek here I will share with you. Can't show the whole thing because that will spoil the surprise for some, I know at least one of them reads my blog, lol!

They use actual playing cards for the base and sand off the plastic coating that is on them.  Then you adhere paper to each side and embellish all you like.  You don't have to use playing cards though, you can just use a plain piece of cardstock cut to the 2 1/2 x 3 1/2.  It helps to use study cardstock so it will withstand some wear and tear.  There are even some websites out there, I know, imagine that, right?, that cater to these ATC's.  I haven't had a chance to peruse all of them yet but maybe later today.  Our weather here in  FL is pretty nasty this weekend, is there a better way to spend a rainy Sunday?  Yesterday, I made a big ol' pot of hamburger potato stew so I'm good for the duration.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Candy

Good Afternoon Bloggers!

Helen over at The Craft Project is offering some blog candy just for leaving a comment.  Also If you post her photo on your blog. I thought I'd give this a try.  I've never done this before so wish me luck.

Helen is turning the big 50 so we want to wish her a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You can get to Her blog by clicking here.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Good Morning bloggers!  It has come around to that time of year again where you desperately search for something "different" to send to your father on Father's Day.  I don't know about ya'll but it has always been a challenge for me.  They are just so hard to buy for.  Remember my last post, I said I was digging through a plastic tub full of old pictures.  Well, I also found one in there of my stepfather, of years back when he was, I'd say, probably 30-35.  He was quite the wild child back in the day, as we probably can all attest to at some point, lol!  Anyway, in the photo he has a full beard and an ol' black hat that had one of those plastic poppy flowers that the VA gives out, I think.  He is wearing an old blousin' shirt that has elastic in the sleeves and a big yoke on the front.  It was a really cool shirt and I just loved it.  As a matter of fact, I wore it as a night shirt for years after he left it lay one day.  I scanned the photo and made a 5x7 and embellised it a bit and put it back in the same frame it came out of.  See what you think?

I found some charms that reminded me of him, a fish-he has been an avid fisherman for years.  I don't think he ever owned a boat so now he has one, lol.  A bull representing the rodeos that he so loves (and on the other side of the frame is a grandstand ticket). The other charms are a cowboy boot, which I'm sure he wore many a pair out and a slot machine and a deck of cards.  He still goes to BlackHawk gambling.  The cards represent his initials and the vials, the liquor that he consumed for medicinal purposes, of course, lol!  The key represents the old '67 Mercury Comet he drove for years with a handmade stereo box as the console.  The others were just thrown in for a good measure.  I had a great time putting it all together and I'm sure he will shed a tear when all these memories come flashing back.

Hope you get to spend time with your fathers this Father's Day.

NOTE:  Stepfather received his photo and called to say Thank You.  He also mentioned that it took him a year to grow that beard, and that was the reason for the photo.  I had forgotten that little tidbit of information, so glad he called to remind me.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June's Tag 2012

Hey there bloggers, I think I finished June's tag in record time, lol.  Still don't have May's done but hey, who's counting right? 

I was able to find a old photograph of myself in the huge tub of pictures that is my life up until now.  Thought I had more than the ones I found, still do, just not sure where they are.  My mother sent me all the old photos that were damaged in the flood at her house several years ago (approx. 1982) and I know I have them somewhere, just can't put my fingers on it today.  So...............the one I did find will have to work.  Didn't have a few of the elements that Tim used so I improvised which is what this is all about, right?  Anyway, I thought it turned out very well, I am quite proud of it.  The significance of the numbers is that I believe this was taken in 1963.  I was probably about 3-4 years old.  I used just a plain old marker that I had to color the dress and shoes.  I used spun sugar and frayed burlap for the tag colors and for the rose flower.  I like the little punches of pink in it.  Hope you like it too!!!