Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a Rat Trap!

Good Morning Bloggers! Have to show you my latest creation. I was inspired by Kimberly's rat trap over on the Graphic45.ning.com gallery . She found this little gem on a kid's page and it turned out really cool so I had to try it. Made this one for my sister, today is her birthday. She should have gotten it in the mail either yesterday or today. Haven't heard anything yet. Anyway, I covered it with Spellbinders premium craft foil that had been embossed with Tim Holtz's postcard texture fade. I sanded it down a bit and then added a few different alcohol inks to distort the color a little. Then I just started adding embellishments. Love how it turned out. The picture of her is from a vintage photo her and I had taken years ago and the 67 is the year she was born. I had to put a little handle on mine because the 'rat holder' wasn't bent up enough to grab on to it to pull it up and put your note underneath. I meant to put a note under it before I sent it to her but got in a hurry and forgot. Think she'll know what it is? Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Hugs, ~Jody

Thursday, August 23, 2012

There's a New Mouse in the House!

LOL, and it's purple, Yeah! Check out this cute little mouse my daughter sent me. And the tiny receiver that came with it. So stinkin' cute, and did I mention, it's purple!!! A while back she got an I-pad of sorts, that's not what hers is called but I don't remember what hers is. Anyway, she gave me her older netbook which didn't work anymore because her boyfriend at the time, who was taking IT classes at USF, used it for a project at school. Something about changing the operating system on it. Well, when he went to change it back, he messed it up and it was virtually un-useable. I had my nephew look at it and a few other people and no one could figure out what he did to it. He had even removed the partition, the part that helps you recover everything if it crashes. So, I took it to our IT guy at work and paid him to restore it. He got it up and running and it works beautifully. I just love it!! The only thing I was having trouble with was that touchy little mouse/pad. I had figured out how to turn the 'touchy' part down but it was still pretty touchy. SO, she sent me an regular mouse to use with it. It's perfect, and it's purple, did I mention that part, lol!!! And the little receiver is only about an inch in length so you can put it in the USB port and leave it there. Then you just have to turn the switch off and on, on the bottom of the mouse. It's very cool. Now I can take it with me where ever I go. It makes surfing blogs so much easier especially from my easy chair in the living room. I love being spoiled. Hope you have a super Thursday. I have a little something that I have been working on to show you tomorrow so I'll see you then! Hugs, ~Jody

Monday, August 20, 2012

ATC Club-August 2012

So this month's ATC Club was much better. I have to say everyone actually put some effort in to their cards and they were so cute. Lots of great ideas. I'll have to take a photo of the ones I received, or some of them and show you. Meanwhile, here's a full view of the ones I made. The theme was "Fun in the Sun" or she reworded it later to be "Summertime Fun" so some people used that phrase. I used some Spellbinders Premium Craft Foil to make the word fun. Then I matched the inked edge to that as closely as I could. I spelled out the 'in the sun' words on the computer and made them the same color, or as close as possible. I thought it was cute play on the words. The "fun" is in the sun, get it??? Lol, anyway, the special element this month was the rhinestone so I placed a turqoise one at the top and a couple of white ones beside it. On the back I used my August ticket stamp again and embossed it with a turqoise embossing powder and inked it with Wild Honey. I used the same template as last month for the info. just changing the month, the theme and the color so it all matched. I think they turned out very well. Hope you do too! Happy Monday! Hugs, ~Jody

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A New Challenge

Good Evening peeps, just popping in to share with you a cute little challenge that I did yesterday and today. It is actually for two challenges, the first one being at Our Creative Corner. It was so cute, I couldn't resist. You had to use Denim, of some sort, either real denim or faux denim using a technique. You also had to have 3 ribbons or twine and 3 buttons or brads. I used a technique to make my kite 'denim', (that was the other challenge, it had to have a kite, over at the Inspiration Journal), complete with the orange stitching around the outside. Remember years ago all denim jeans had orange stitching, well, mine did, anyway, lol! I used the brads for the bows on the kite's tail and then I added some little blue bows to the bling. I used spiced marmalade for the tag over the top of a Cricut embossing folder. The little dangly was left over from a girlfriend's wedding embellishments. It was fun putting it together, hope you like it! Hugs, ~Jody

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August ATC Club

Good Morning bloggers. Well, it has been a little over a week now that my daughter has been gone. She moved to Northern Florida a week ago last Friday to be with her new love. She was a bit leary, as was I, but you never know until you try, right? His words seemed real enough, "you just have to trust me", but then I think we have all heard those words before. It's his actions that will insure trust in him. She seems happy and everything is going according to plan so far. I am so happy for her and I wish her all the best. I have to admit, I've shed a few tears, it's been a bittersweet event in my life. However, I think we talk more now than when she lived 30 minutes away, lol! Besides, it gives me a perfect excuse for a road trip, right? Especially since I ended up with a bunch of her stuff stashed in my tiny little duplex, ha!!! I have been working on my ATC cards for August. I used kind of a play on words that they used for the theme, "Fun In The Sun". Here's a sneek peek... These ones turned out to be pretty labor intensive. Lots of parts. I used my cricut to cut out the suns and the words I used a Tim Holtz die for. There are some other words that I just did on the computer and cut them out and inked them. We had to use some rhinestones, as well. The Club meets on the 20th so I will be able to show you the whole thing that morning, if I remember to do a post that morning, lol! It is Sunday morning and I am off to the flea market. I think I will stop and have breakfast first. Am in the hunt for a wooden headboard that I can cut down and some cigar boxes that I don't remember what I wanted them for but they are still on my list. I think there is a guy that has them, just have to remember which flea market I saw them at. Hope ya'll have a great Sunday and I'll talk to you soon. Hugs, ~Jody

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tim Holtz August 2012 Tag

LOVE this little tag! He has some of the greatest ideas! And I didn't even have all the correct stuff, I had to improvise, but then that's what it's all about right? My frame and silhouette are from Close to my Heart and they are a bit smaller but I don't think it mattered. I only had the one oval frame texture fade (can't remember the name of it) and I used a different ink that I had in my stash instead of the Juniper dabber. Everything else is pretty much the same, with the exception of the key. I have a stash of old keys that I bought off of ebay years ago so I used one of the those. The roses came out nice, those are a bit tricky. They could have been opened up a little more, now that I look at the picture more closely but like I said, they are a bit tricky. I need to use that die more and work with them a little bit, looks like. I added some baby pearls around her neck too. I noticed that he had a "gem" of sorts on his so I gave her a pearl necklace and a pearl earring, so elegant. I didn't have the postage/plaque on the edge die either so I used the ornate one and it just made a point at the bottom, but I accentuated part of the scroll with it so it looked pretty cool. Hope you enjoyed gazing at it and will give it a try. Happy Monday, Hugs, ~Jody