Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and that we kept in mind the real reason for this holiday. Here's a really cool you-tube video a friend sent me just for the occasion: I spent the weekend over at my little sister's on the east coast of Florida. We just hung out, swam in their pool, drank margaritas and made some awesome Father's Day cards. It was a great weekend! Here's one of the cards that we made. It is a tool belt, how cute is that! We found the inspiration in Paper Crafts magazine from a card by Kim Kesti. We embellished upon her idea so ours turned out quite differently but Oh So CUTE. I'm sure our father will love it. AND, since we have two father's, one biological and one step, we each had to make two cards. We will give the alternate one to the other father, how cool is that, lol!!! Here's the other card. It was made out of a brown paper lunch sack. We got the inspiration from my little sister's friend and CTMH consultant, Annette Green. She is so handy, I tell ya! We had so much fun making these two cards. Now I'm already for Father's Day, three weeks early, don't think that's ever happened, lol! Hope ya'all made it home safely from your holiday weekend adventure. Hugs, ~Jody

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrapbooking. . . . . . . .Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Good afternoon peeps. My little sister was here for the weekend, birthday celebrations ya know. I turned another year older on Friday so she came over and we did some scrapbooking and ate lobster and chocolate and monkey bread (I call it sticky buns but ....) and brownies, lol. I think we ate more than we did anything. Even had fresh homemade eggs benedict for breakfast before she left this morning. ANYWAY, what I wanted to share with you was a sign I made this morning after she left. I had started it before because I was thinking I would need her help but I was able to do it myself so......... A couple of years ago, my daughter Miranda, gave me a vinyl sign that says " cheaper than therapy". It was one of those that you put directly on the wall. Well, I live in an apartment so I didn't want to put it directly on the wall so I was always going to get a piece of canvas and put it on there and then hang it on the wall. Well, I finally did it. It looks pretty good to, if I don't say so myself. And if I ever move again, I can take it with me and put it in my new craft room, lol!!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Waltzingmouse Stamps Challenge

I just love that little tea bag template. It makes up so cute. This is one I did for the challenge over at Waltzingmouse Stamps. They are having their 2nd anniversary. Claire is having a little party and she invited us to show off some our creativity. I used my new Cricut Expression to make the little tea pot. It turned out so cure. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, ~Jody

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I believe I've been scrabbleized. Let's see Merriam Webster add that one to the ol' dictionary, lol. My little sister has gotten me interested in the game of Scrabble this past week. We are playing each other on Facebook. Pretty funny hugh!!! Pretty TIME CONSUMING! OMG, it takes forever to find words that will get me the biggest scores. We are on our second game. I actually won the first one quite by accident I tell you, lol. My little sister says she was robbed, ROBBED I say!!! I was behind by three points I think. When I used my last tile, the screen flipped to a "YOU WIN" and it was all over but the cryin'. I ended up with one more point than she had, so I won!!! I guess in the facebook game when someone runs out of tiles, who ever has tiles left in their hand has to deduct them from their score and also give the same amount of points to the other person as a bonus. So....... that put me ahead by one point. I think that is how it went. To be honest with you, it all happened so fast that I didn't really know what happened at first. I had to go back and study it a couple of times. Well, we are on re-match #1 right now. I am ahead of her for about 40 points. Just want to make sure if she runs out of tiles first, the same thing won't happen to me, lol. It is a fun game and I haven't played it for years, actually since I was married to my first husband, and that was centuries ago. Good Luck my dear, may the best woMAN win!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Tea Party

So, I have our monthly tea party today. It's the annual Sertoma Tea Party. We were requested to wear hats. I have searched high and low for a hat that I could afford but to no avail. Found some really cool ones online but OMG the prices are frightful, for my little 'ol budget anyway. So.......... having just seen some of the fancy schmancy hats at the royal wedding, I had a thought! (lightbulb turning on here, lol) Why not make your own, how hard could it be. I found some chipboard in my stash. It was heavy duty that we made our TH 12 Tags of Christmas Banner out of last December. It was just the left over corner pieces. I put them together to make something that would shape over the top of my head, ya know so it could be curved. Next I punched sewing holes along the sides that were to be connected together. I sewed them together with some beading wire that I had in my beading stash. It was just stiff enough that I didn't need to use a needle. Worked great. Unfortunately I didn't think about taking pictures while I was making it so here's a shot of after I had it stitched together and covered with shiny fabric, the underneath side. I was able to overlap the long edges to maneuver it enough to fit my head. I didn't stitch all the way to the ends because I knew I wanted to cut the ends off and make them curved, which I did with the scissors. I had stopped at Joann's for some inspiration and found a few different things in the floral department that would look cute on a hat. My dress is a lavender color that I was going to wear so I tried to keep within that color scheme. They didn't have alot to choose from in the feather department so I went with burgundy, it matched fairly well. AND, here' s what came out of my efforts. It turned out so damn cute. A professional hat maker I would never be, but I'm tellin ya, this will be an eye catcher at the tea party. Oh I forgot to tell ya, I attached a metal barrette thingy to the underneath side so it would stay in my hair, or on my head. It's a bit top heavy but with a couple of decorative dragonfly bobby pins, it will be just perfect!!! Just a note: The hat won top prize, "Most Elegant", at the tea party. Didn't even know there was going to be a hat contest, lol!!! It was so much fun!!! It was well worth the $20.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Challenge

Well, alrighty then, it's May already. April must have flown by because I missed it, I think. Have been busy living life, I guess. I have taken a few photos along the way that I will share with you at a later date. Just noticed that they are having a Mother's Day challenge over at the Sisterhood (The Sisterhood of Crafters). I made this card for my mother. Didn't know I would be putting it in a challenge or I may have taken more time to get a better photo. Was telling my sister about it and she asked me if I took a picture of it and I said no. She said well you should so I can see it. So I did, here it is. A couple of quick photos before I left for work yesterday morning! It's in the mail now on it's way to Wyoming.