Thursday, May 19, 2011


I believe I've been scrabbleized. Let's see Merriam Webster add that one to the ol' dictionary, lol. My little sister has gotten me interested in the game of Scrabble this past week. We are playing each other on Facebook. Pretty funny hugh!!! Pretty TIME CONSUMING! OMG, it takes forever to find words that will get me the biggest scores. We are on our second game. I actually won the first one quite by accident I tell you, lol. My little sister says she was robbed, ROBBED I say!!! I was behind by three points I think. When I used my last tile, the screen flipped to a "YOU WIN" and it was all over but the cryin'. I ended up with one more point than she had, so I won!!! I guess in the facebook game when someone runs out of tiles, who ever has tiles left in their hand has to deduct them from their score and also give the same amount of points to the other person as a bonus. So....... that put me ahead by one point. I think that is how it went. To be honest with you, it all happened so fast that I didn't really know what happened at first. I had to go back and study it a couple of times. Well, we are on re-match #1 right now. I am ahead of her for about 40 points. Just want to make sure if she runs out of tiles first, the same thing won't happen to me, lol. It is a fun game and I haven't played it for years, actually since I was married to my first husband, and that was centuries ago. Good Luck my dear, may the best woMAN win!!!!!


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