Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Tag 2012

Hey there bloggers,

I guess since the month of September is almost over, I should post my Tim Holtz tag for September.  I downloaded the photos a week or so ago and then got distracted, I guess.  Anyway,  here's the tag.

It's pretty cute, if you like industrial things.  I really do like the typewriter, it turned out the cutest, in my opinion.  I think it needs to have a darker ribbon at the top.  I tried to make it kinda grayish black but I think it needs more black, to kinda balance it out.  I'll work on that.  The technique was fun and quite interesting.  I tried a couple of different "tools" that I found in my stash.  One of them was an old tracing wheel.  Remember those, you used them for marking darts in sewing class with some chalky paper.  If you click on the photo, it may open up bigger so you can see where I used it.  I don't know that I would use this technique much but it was fun to try.  Maybe on some colored foil, I'll work on that too, lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a super Saturday.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Great Smoky Mountains, TN Sep 2012

Hey Bloggers,

Took me a little vacation this past week.  I had never seen the Great Smoky Mountains and I've always wanted to so, Yeppers, that's where I have been.  They were SO BEAUTIFUL!  The mountain streams, the low lying clouds, the majestic mountains, it was all so awesome.  I took a lot of pictures including the ones I have in my mind, AMAZING!!! 

This one shows why they call them the Smoky Mountains.  See all the "smoke".  And the drive through the four tunnels getting in to Gatlinburg was so awesome.

This is a shot of the changing colors going on in the trees.  The leaves had just started to turn and they were so pretty.  If I had gone about a month later, fall would have been in full swing and I would have seen some even better colors.  Hopefully next time.


I camped at Forsyth, GA  and then in Pigeon Forge, TN.  on the way there.  The first night I slept in a little cabin.

It was cute, but dark and kinda stinky from being shut up, I imagined.  The next two nights I pitched my tent and slept in the out of doors.  I, for some reason, didn't get a shot of that campsite.  It rained pretty much every day so I guess I didn't want to get the camera wet, ha!  I even watched the Bronco game on my little netbook, wrapped in plastic, under a tarp.  I'm sure the people across the way thought I was nuts but didn't bother me.

The next couple of nights I spent at a friend's house in Asheville, NC.  Her and her husband, Bob, were so hospitable.  I really enjoyed their company and we had a great time.  Oh and their dog, Darcie!

They have the cutest little condo up at the top of this big long drive in Hendersonville, NC.  It was the sweetest place.  Norma and I went antiquing the next day and had lunch in Black Mountain, NC, another quaint little place a few miles up the road.  It was an absolute perfect day. 

Oh, and if you ever get to Pigeon Forge, TN, there is a Scrapbook Superstore there and a Scrapbook Clearance Center next door that offers everything in the store for 50% off.  Had a blast in those two stores, lol!

Had a really great trip and hope to live up there someday. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hey there bloggers, just popping in to show you the Halloween Panorama I made after seeing the one that Jim, The Gentleman Crafter made. It was the cutest dang thang, I couldn't resist. Mine was a little bigger but only because that was the only canister I could find at Michael's. I also used Tim Holtz's new little lantern instead of a tea light because I didn't care for the yellowish hue of the tea light. The lantern gave off a brighter light and it's pretty cute too, lol, love those miniatures. Anyway, it's done and I just love how it turned out. I'm going to take it to work and put it on my desk. Don't mind my horrible picture taking. It's always been something I was going to work on, but I'd rather create cool stuff like this instead. Some day I'll make a perfect place to take my photos but for now it's the kitchen counter, sorry! The fennial (not sure how you spell that) on top was painted with orange and black paint and then I used the end of one of the paintbrushes to do the dots. It turned out so cute, don't ya think. The battery pack for the lantern is hidden underneath the purple netting (I painted it black too). I made a small trap door in the bottom of the lid so I could pull the cord through but it also held the lantern in place, once I closed it, worked like a charm!!!! And the little owl peeking out of the trees in the upper left hand corner is to die for! The fence was made with a Tim Holtz On The Edge die and then I cut the remainder of it out with an exacto knife. A little tedious but what a great effect. I had to make it two lengths long and I was a little off on my spacing, however, the skeleton head fit in there just perfectly. It's not even glued in, ha! Well, time for the showers, hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!! Hugs, ~Jody