Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christmas is over, I still have a few things I wanted to share. I have been out of town a bit so didn't get to these things until now. The card I made for my daughter, she dearly loved! It was the only one I got made this year, what with the Annual Christmas Tea Party and then leaving town so soon after. I even tried out the new pine cone die from Tim Holtz. It makes the cutest pine cones. Not bad for my first try. I will making some more of these for the 12 Tags of Christmas which I started yesterday. Almost have my first one done. I will try to post it later today. I also tried my hand at the little tree TH made out of the rosette die. It is just the cutest thing, LOVE IT! Enjoy, Hugs, ~Jody

Saturday, December 10, 2011

So have you seen the TH Trinket Box........

they are just the cutest things. It's about 6" x 8" and has three latches on it. One on each of the two sides and one on the top where the handle is.
And then when you open it, both sides come down to reveal these little trays that can hold all your ideology findings and some other stuff too, lol!
Then when you pull out the trays, they stairstep out and you have four little trays to fill up too! And then there is the bottom, which is the full width of the whole case, so, you like have a big space down there, as well!
There was so much space, I had to go get more stuff, lol!!! Just love this little thing, it is so compact and it fits perfectly on my shelf between all my inks and stains. YEAH!!! Maybe you should put this on your Christmas list, hugh? Hope you get everything you want! Hugs, ~Jody

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ok, now we're talking..............................

Have you been following Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas? I have but so far had not been too impressed. The first one was great but it went downhill from there for me. Liked the snowman one too but it was basically the same color as the first one. I guess I'm in to colorful things, lol! Anyway, I really like the vintage look too, so that would probably explain why I REALLY like Tag #7. I will be doing most of the tags, maybe all of them but I had a few other things to get finished up first before I started on these. I am trying to not leave any loose ends this Christmas season. Too many times I get started on something and SOMETHING ELSE catches my eye and I end up leaving some of those ideas behind (and a trail of items too). Hopefully this coming weekend, I will be free to start doing tags. Hope you are having a joyous Christmas season. Hugs, ~Jody

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a peek.....................

at some of the decorations for the Annual Christmas Tea Party. I have all the tags done and the menu is planned, just need to do a little grocery shopping. I will be putting up my house decorations today and getting that all ready. It's getting kind of exciting around here, lol!! Love, Love, Love the Christmas season! Hope your holiday festivities are in full swing and you are loving every minute of it! Merry Christmas! Hugs, ~Jody