Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anyone one still there?

Hey there bloggers, long time no see.  Have been busy this summer working, out of state.  Actually commuting to CO everyday but I really like my new job.  Will probably move down there one day but not ready just yet.

I have recently gotten in to woodworking as well.  Made a little table to set my bbq'er on, on my little balcony.  I'll share a picture of it later.

The latest thing that has caught my eye is this bench made out of a headboard and a footboard.

And I found a headboard and footboard at a garage sale last weekend for $10.  And it's pretty much just like this one.  The lady said it was a twin size but I believe it is a full size but either way it should work.

I have already cut the footboard in half

I have altered it a bit more today, trying to make it fit the headboard where I want it to and where it will best fit, round parts to square parts, if you get my meaning, lol!   I haven't taken any pictures of that yet but I will tomorrow probably.  I will be out there working on it tomorrow anyway.  I'll keep you posted.

(Update: Finally got the photos to upload properly, not sure what that was about but they are there now so..............Enjoy!