Monday, February 15, 2010

MoJo Monday #126

Have alot of things packed up in my craft room for the move but managed to keep a few things handy so I could do the sketch this week. Here's my card, nothing fancy but pretty cute, I thought. Happy MoJo Monday!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Tea Party

Enjoyed our monthly tea party yesterday. It was good food, good friends and a leisurely afternoon. Those are so nice to have sometimes. I am gearing up for my move in a couple of weeks so have been cleaning out closets and packing boxes today. I'm ready for Calgon to take me away. Hope you have a lovely Sunday evening, Hugs!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Cookies

Check out these cookies. They turned out so cute for my first attempt, that is. I found this recipe for Christmas sugar cookies on The Pioneer Woman's blog a while back. I thought they looked really good so I made my own version of them with my heart shaped cookie cutter. They almost look like stained glass on top. That is achieved with an egg glaze that you put food coloring in and brush it on before you bake them. Them you pipe around the glaze after they are cooled. A professional cookie decorator I would never be but they are good enough for a retirement party at work tomorrow. I even added some almond flavoring to the recipe (instead of the orange peel zest it called for) and a little bit to the piping frosting. Of course, I broke two of them so I had to eat those myself, I hate it when that happens, lol. (YUMMY!!) Besides, broken cookies have less calories, didn't you know?? Anyway, you can check out her recipe here if you'd like to try your hand at it too (she said I could, thanks, Ree). It was fun, either that or I am easliy amused!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MoJo Monday #125

Here's my card for the MoJo Monday this week. It didn't turn out too badly. A couple of things I would do differently next time (or this time if I hadn't glued them down so good). I made this for one of my tea ladies. It goes with the matchbox that I made a few days ago. Still had all that color of paper out so decided to make her a card to match using this week's mojo sketch. Only after I was done, did I notice that the lacy curved parts are not straight on both sides. I think I was concentrating to hard on getting the point centered over the "happy" that I forgot about the sides. I'm kind of a stickler for precision like that, I guess you could call it meticulous (ya, I'm the one who would walk in a room and straighten the picture hanging crooked on the wall, lol). She will probably never notice but that's the first thing I saw when I held it up and looked at it, crap, too late now! Oh well, it's done and going in the envelope as soon as I'm done here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely evening!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen? I found this
tutorial on Kristin Aune's blog for a box made using a matchbox
design (remember the old wooden matches, well I guess you can
still buy them but they remind me of a day gone by) Thanks Kristin,
by the way!!! It actually has four "matchboxes/drawers" to it. I made this one for one of my tea ladies birthdays. Those ladies are so special to me that this year I have vowed to gift each one of their birthdays. All, except for one, have birthdays the first 5 months of the year so I have been busy and I have already missed one, crap! Anyway, this little box turned out so cute. The picture on the top I printed from some online vintage photos that I ran across in my hours and hours of scouring the internet for lack of something better to do, lol! All of the other stuff, I had in my stash. I am proud to say, I didn't purchase anything to make this box. I am trying really hard to use up what I have and let me tell you, if I never purchased another thing, I could play with paper for the rest of my life and never run out of "stuff". I can see a few more of these in my future. I made this in one night, as well. Well, except for letting some of it dry. I finished embellishing this morning. I didn't attach the top piece to the boxes until I was completely done decorating so that I could tuck everything underneath out of view.
Well, as you can see, I have yet to figure out how to make these pictures all line up and the text line up as well. Everytime, I delete a blank line that shows up in the text, it deletes my photo and I have to re-load. So, sorry, this is how you get it today. Looks like "Blog Writing 101" is in my NEAR future.
Hope you like the little box. I think it turned out just beautiful.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tags, Tins and Treats Project Parade-Verve Stamps

Here's a little cutie that I whipped up last night for the "Tags, Tins & Treats" challenge over at Verve Stamps. I have been seeing their little badge on the MoJo Monday site and then my little sister was telling me about some of their stamps so I checked it out. They have some very cool stamps, I may have to invest in some of those. Anyway, they also had this challenge going on until the 15th of Feb. so I decided I would make this "tin" for my daughter for Valentine's Day. She loves girl scout cookies, especially the thin mints and they come in a sleeve of cellophane that will fit right down inside this "tin". I just used a bunch of scraps left laying out from the valentine's day cards I made. The love stamp on top and the red heart in the center front and the itty bitty hearts hanging from the finding are all shrink film. The small bright red heart on the top is just some fabric paint I made a heart with on the shiny side of some freezer paper. I was just playing one day and so I let it dry and peeled it off and that is what it looked like. The big lacy flower on front is just some old seam binding gathered at one edge and drawn up. Added some little heart brads and there you have it. I'm sure my daughter will like it, especially when she finds out what's inside, hee hee hee!!! HAPPY "V" DAY!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

MoJo Monday #124

Unfortunately, I was in need of a sympathy card this time. A dear sweet Aunt of mine passed away a couple of days ago. She was such a sweet, sweet little old lady. I remember when us girls were young, she would send us all birthday cards with a stick of "wrigley's" gum inside. I will truly miss her. I made this card to send to her family. All paper is from my overflowing stash as well as the ribbon. The butterfly is one that I made at a class a few months back. It is made with Angelina Fiber, a stamp and an iron. You just ink up you stamp and then flip it over ink side up. You lay all your fibers on the wet ink, whatever colors you like, and there are several. Then you cover it with some parchment paper and iron over it with a little craft iron (no steam if you are using your regular iron). The fibers kinda melt into the ink and your design is born. And it doesn't hurt the stamp either, just'n case you were wondering. Hope you like it.

Bunko Tea Party

Went to a Bunko Birthday Tea Party yesterday for one of the tea ladies. Ms. Beth turned 50 on the 29th of January and her wish was to have a Bunko Tea Party with all her lady friends. It was a great time. The party was at Mrs. T's Garden Tea Room in Lutz, FL. One of the other tea ladies decorated the place up with "50" decorations and they even had cupcakes with "50" written on them, they were so cute and YUMMY, I might add. I don't know what kind of flavoring she used in the frosting but it was so tasty. This is the birthday girl, Beth, in the peach. Her sister, Kathleen, was here for the party from up north. Here's the card set I made for her. She just loves papercrafting and I knew she would really enjoy the set I made for her. This the box that they all fit into. I had been to a card class at my CTMH upline's last weekend and she made these cute little boxes for our card sets that we made that day. (I have no idea why I can't make these photos sit side by side. I'll figure it out someday, but today is not that day)
These are the eight cards that I made to go inside. They turned out so cute. I used a CTMH paper pak that I have had for years. I think it was the first one I ever bought and I have used it for several projects and there is still some left. sorry, I don't remember the name of it and of course the packet card is MIA. They turned out sooooo cut, how adorable!