Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Cookies

Check out these cookies. They turned out so cute for my first attempt, that is. I found this recipe for Christmas sugar cookies on The Pioneer Woman's blog a while back. I thought they looked really good so I made my own version of them with my heart shaped cookie cutter. They almost look like stained glass on top. That is achieved with an egg glaze that you put food coloring in and brush it on before you bake them. Them you pipe around the glaze after they are cooled. A professional cookie decorator I would never be but they are good enough for a retirement party at work tomorrow. I even added some almond flavoring to the recipe (instead of the orange peel zest it called for) and a little bit to the piping frosting. Of course, I broke two of them so I had to eat those myself, I hate it when that happens, lol. (YUMMY!!) Besides, broken cookies have less calories, didn't you know?? Anyway, you can check out her recipe here if you'd like to try your hand at it too (she said I could, thanks, Ree). It was fun, either that or I am easliy amused!


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