Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hey there bloggers, just popping in to show you the Halloween Panorama I made after seeing the one that Jim, The Gentleman Crafter made. It was the cutest dang thang, I couldn't resist. Mine was a little bigger but only because that was the only canister I could find at Michael's. I also used Tim Holtz's new little lantern instead of a tea light because I didn't care for the yellowish hue of the tea light. The lantern gave off a brighter light and it's pretty cute too, lol, love those miniatures. Anyway, it's done and I just love how it turned out. I'm going to take it to work and put it on my desk. Don't mind my horrible picture taking. It's always been something I was going to work on, but I'd rather create cool stuff like this instead. Some day I'll make a perfect place to take my photos but for now it's the kitchen counter, sorry! The fennial (not sure how you spell that) on top was painted with orange and black paint and then I used the end of one of the paintbrushes to do the dots. It turned out so cute, don't ya think. The battery pack for the lantern is hidden underneath the purple netting (I painted it black too). I made a small trap door in the bottom of the lid so I could pull the cord through but it also held the lantern in place, once I closed it, worked like a charm!!!! And the little owl peeking out of the trees in the upper left hand corner is to die for! The fence was made with a Tim Holtz On The Edge die and then I cut the remainder of it out with an exacto knife. A little tedious but what a great effect. I had to make it two lengths long and I was a little off on my spacing, however, the skeleton head fit in there just perfectly. It's not even glued in, ha! Well, time for the showers, hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!! Hugs, ~Jody


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