Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Tea Party

So, I have our monthly tea party today. It's the annual Sertoma Tea Party. We were requested to wear hats. I have searched high and low for a hat that I could afford but to no avail. Found some really cool ones online but OMG the prices are frightful, for my little 'ol budget anyway. So.......... having just seen some of the fancy schmancy hats at the royal wedding, I had a thought! (lightbulb turning on here, lol) Why not make your own, how hard could it be. I found some chipboard in my stash. It was heavy duty that we made our TH 12 Tags of Christmas Banner out of last December. It was just the left over corner pieces. I put them together to make something that would shape over the top of my head, ya know so it could be curved. Next I punched sewing holes along the sides that were to be connected together. I sewed them together with some beading wire that I had in my beading stash. It was just stiff enough that I didn't need to use a needle. Worked great. Unfortunately I didn't think about taking pictures while I was making it so here's a shot of after I had it stitched together and covered with shiny fabric, the underneath side. I was able to overlap the long edges to maneuver it enough to fit my head. I didn't stitch all the way to the ends because I knew I wanted to cut the ends off and make them curved, which I did with the scissors. I had stopped at Joann's for some inspiration and found a few different things in the floral department that would look cute on a hat. My dress is a lavender color that I was going to wear so I tried to keep within that color scheme. They didn't have alot to choose from in the feather department so I went with burgundy, it matched fairly well. AND, here' s what came out of my efforts. It turned out so damn cute. A professional hat maker I would never be, but I'm tellin ya, this will be an eye catcher at the tea party. Oh I forgot to tell ya, I attached a metal barrette thingy to the underneath side so it would stay in my hair, or on my head. It's a bit top heavy but with a couple of decorative dragonfly bobby pins, it will be just perfect!!! Just a note: The hat won top prize, "Most Elegant", at the tea party. Didn't even know there was going to be a hat contest, lol!!! It was so much fun!!! It was well worth the $20.


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