Thursday, August 23, 2012

There's a New Mouse in the House!

LOL, and it's purple, Yeah! Check out this cute little mouse my daughter sent me. And the tiny receiver that came with it. So stinkin' cute, and did I mention, it's purple!!! A while back she got an I-pad of sorts, that's not what hers is called but I don't remember what hers is. Anyway, she gave me her older netbook which didn't work anymore because her boyfriend at the time, who was taking IT classes at USF, used it for a project at school. Something about changing the operating system on it. Well, when he went to change it back, he messed it up and it was virtually un-useable. I had my nephew look at it and a few other people and no one could figure out what he did to it. He had even removed the partition, the part that helps you recover everything if it crashes. So, I took it to our IT guy at work and paid him to restore it. He got it up and running and it works beautifully. I just love it!! The only thing I was having trouble with was that touchy little mouse/pad. I had figured out how to turn the 'touchy' part down but it was still pretty touchy. SO, she sent me an regular mouse to use with it. It's perfect, and it's purple, did I mention that part, lol!!! And the little receiver is only about an inch in length so you can put it in the USB port and leave it there. Then you just have to turn the switch off and on, on the bottom of the mouse. It's very cool. Now I can take it with me where ever I go. It makes surfing blogs so much easier especially from my easy chair in the living room. I love being spoiled. Hope you have a super Thursday. I have a little something that I have been working on to show you tomorrow so I'll see you then! Hugs, ~Jody


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