Monday, June 4, 2012

June's Tag 2012

Hey there bloggers, I think I finished June's tag in record time, lol.  Still don't have May's done but hey, who's counting right? 

I was able to find a old photograph of myself in the huge tub of pictures that is my life up until now.  Thought I had more than the ones I found, still do, just not sure where they are.  My mother sent me all the old photos that were damaged in the flood at her house several years ago (approx. 1982) and I know I have them somewhere, just can't put my fingers on it today.  So...............the one I did find will have to work.  Didn't have a few of the elements that Tim used so I improvised which is what this is all about, right?  Anyway, I thought it turned out very well, I am quite proud of it.  The significance of the numbers is that I believe this was taken in 1963.  I was probably about 3-4 years old.  I used just a plain old marker that I had to color the dress and shoes.  I used spun sugar and frayed burlap for the tag colors and for the rose flower.  I like the little punches of pink in it.  Hope you like it too!!!



Pia said...

beautiful tag

EmeralDQueen said...

Very cute picture, nicely done for improvising :)

Jody said...

Thank you ladies, it was great fun putting this one together!

Kate said...

Beautiful! I love the image you chose and all the metal embellies.

Mrs.B said...

Gorgeous tag and I love your photo, the pink dress really stands out.
Avril x

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