Saturday, February 12, 2011

Treasure Hunting!

Have you made your reservations for the Treasure Hunt yet? Time is drawing near! Went to a class last night to make a "Pirate Necklace" to wear on the hunt. It turned out pretty cute, don't ya think? The class was held in Lakeland which is approximately 48.5 miles from my job in St. Petersburg. I had to cross old Tampa Bay and by that I mean a 7 mile bridge over lotz and lotz of water, through Tampa during 5 o'clock rush hour traffic, over to I-4 and then turn south on the Polk Parkway. Good thing I left a bit early. It took me an hour and 35 minutes to go those 48.5 miles, not to mention the half a tank of gas I used up. Sure glad I like that necklace, it's going to be around for a long, LONG time. Here's a few more shots of it. The Treasure Hunt is the weekend of March 12-13 and we will all board a bus to go check out all the scrapbooking shops around the Tampa Bay area. It will be a two day excursion coming back at night to sleep in our own beds, well most of us anyway. My sister Charmin will be coming over for the festivites so she will have to sleep at my place Saturday night. It should be great fun!


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