Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Old Shelf

I was looking on craig's list for a shelf for my daughter's kitchen and I found this. It was $20. An oak bookcase for $20, I'll take it. It was in really good condition and it's pretty good sized. It would never work for my daughter's kitchen because of the scroll work on it. She prefers a more abstract modern look. Me, I'm all about old fashioned, traditional stuff. Thought it would work great in my craft room. Was going to buy another one of those white shelving units (the ribbon holder ones from Michael's, ya know) but then I found this. I took it home and sanded it down! And painted it up! White! Semi-gloss Bright White! Take a look at my new shelf now!!!!!!!!! I don't have it all loaded up yet but have been trying out a few things on it. Found some baskets at Michael's for 40% off, $2 a piece and I found 5 of them that matched somewhat. I just need to take the time to put everything on it. The one corner where there is a gap in the wood I have since caulked and repainted. That corner bothered me for some reason so I fixed it, one would never know, lol! And it's twice the size of the one at Michael's and 1/4 the price, LOVE IT!!! I plan on buying a sheet of plywood and making a table top for it to sit on and I will attach it with L-brackets. I'll paint it the same color and probably a couple coats of polyurethane so I will have a nice working surface. YEAH!


Meredith said...

What a beautiful vintage image! I love it! Thanks for playing with CR84FN this week!

Charmin said...

Yes, I like that vintage image! And your shelf - what a steal!

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