Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Pots

I just loved Jeanette Lynton's (CTMH) pumpkin pots that she had on her blog the other day so I tried my hand at them. I think mine are a bit smaller because I had to cut the paper strips down an inch or so to make them look right. The one with the green bow is the first one I made and it looks bigger because I used longer strips of paper. The other two were #2 and #3. They turned out really cute. They were a little tricky to put together. A couple of the strips are crooked. They start to twist as you go along and I wasn't paying attention on the first one. I used glue dots to attach them to the clay pot so where they were stuck the first time, was where they were going to stay. I was a bit more precise with the strips on the second two. She said to attach a baggie to the inside of it first if you were going to use it for edibles so I took a snack baggie and cut the recloseable edge off and then I cut that piece in half. It made like a cone shape and I rounded the corners and it fit in those little clay pots just perfectly. I had fun creating these, hope you enjoy the photos!


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