Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Have been meaning to show you the wall I constructed with all mirrors. It looks pretty cool. I got the idea from Tracie over at The Cottage Industry blog. Thanks Tracie for a great idea!! My living room has no windows in it. I know sounds kinda weird, hugh? And to boot, one wall is dark paneling, uuuggghhhhhh! There is a huge window in the dining room that is in the front of the house just to the right of the living room and lots of windows in the family room on the back of the house and the living room is lost somewhere in between the two. It's rectanglular and the front door opens to the south end of it. The family room is off the north end but there are no windows on either of the other two walls. So.....................I was surfing blogs one night and came across this one where the lady had adorned one whole wall with different shaped mirrors. She's an antique dealer and hers were all antiques, mine are some antiques and some just plane ol' garage sale finds. I have done the whole wall for less than $40 though, pretty good hugh. The long one on the left side was a Christmas gift from one of my sisters a few years back, but the others have been since then. It still needs a little work, I think they need to be closer to gether or maybe a few smaller ones thrown in to close up the gaps. It definitely looks better than it did and now some light permeates off the two rooms that do have windows.


Charmin said...

Cute idea. Yes, I would add some more I think like little ones here and there.

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