Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Card

This is not a homemade card but one that my daughter gave me for Christmas. It was in my stocking. Since she was little we have been filling our stockings and then when she got a bit older, I started putting a nice Christmas card in every year. It has become a tradition now. And since now I make all my cards, I have really enjoyed making cards for her stocking. A couple of times she has made her card to me but this year she chose to buy one because she said she found one with some words that meant so much to her. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. It is probably a little hard to read so I will write the verse out so you can see the words.
"Home Is Where My Mother Is"
Home is much more than a word---
it's a feeling of warmth
that neither time nor distance can diminish...
It's knowing that love is never more than a memory away.
Merry Christmas to my mom---
who has given me
the gifts
of family and friendship
and has brightened
my heart
with lifetime memories
of laughter, love,
and a place to call home.
Almost brings tears to my eyes again. We have had a tough year, her and I, and it really made me feel like she really does appreciate everything that I have done for her. Being a single mother is hard and I have done everything in my power and then some to make sure she has had the things that she needs. I have tried to teach her life's lessons and unfortunately, as I'm sure most people can tell you, tough love is hard to dish out. Now that she is getting a bit older, she will be 22 in April, I do believe that she is finally starting to see that everything I do, I have done with her best interests in mind. I Love You Miranda! Thank you so much for the beautiful card, it really made my Christmas! Hugs!


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