Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Good Morning bloggers, hope you are having a great relaxing Sunday! I've been decorating. It's looking a bit like Halloween 'round here! Every year I pick up a new attraction, AFTER Halloween, for a song, basically, and put it away for next year. I would never pay those ridiculous prices they charge for stuff BEFORE Halloween. Anyway, my new attraction this year, I actually got at a garage sale sometime between Nov. 1 2009 and now, don't remember when or where but I think I only paid $3 for it. Pretty cute, don't ya think!! Here are some the others that I have collected over the years. Wilma, the Witch, Mr. Fiber-Optic Pumpkin and Count Dracula, Pumpkin Jr. watching the clock tower, the howling wiggling orange ghost and Witchy-Poo's humble abode. Have to tell you a funny story about the orange ghost. When I took it out of the box this morning, I turned it on to see if it still worked. It has a motion detector in it and so when it detects motion, of course, it goes off. It starts howling and wiggling for like a minute and then it shuts off. So I was walking to the door with it and it went off again just as I opened the front door. There was a man out walking his dog and they were just passing my house when this happened. You should have seen the looks on their faces. It was priceless and could not have been planned any better. Just love that thing. It's been in the family for years and years. Hope you'll have a great Sunday and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I'm off to finish more coffins before the Broncos game starts at 1. Hugs, ~Jody


Charmin said...

I was in the mood to decorate on Sunday too! Put most of my stuff out but still need one more box out of the attic.

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