Friday, February 26, 2016

Navy Blue

So I've had these navy blue pants cut out to be sewn up for about two months now and yesterday I decided I would get them made up.  Took me about two hours and I had them done. It is a simple pajama pant pattern that I have altered to fit me perfectly and I make them out of suiting fabric.  They look just like suit pants when I'm done and they are so comfortable, I just love them.

Anyway, I had a navy blue and white blouse to wear with them but no jewelry so I decided to make some.  I found a few different blue beads at the store but I think the ones I got matched the best.

(No flash)
 See what you think?

I think they match pretty well myself.  Can't wait to wear them together.


Suzy said...

Hi Jody,
Yes,I think they match very well! Have I really found another card maker that isn't affiliated with a card company?

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