Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day Tea Party

We had a lovely new (well kinda) tea room that opened up here last April.  We had a friends birthday tea party there the end of last April but this year we did a Valentine's Day Tea Party there and it was FABULOUS.  The owner had it decorated up a bit and we all brought a little valentine for each person.  It was so much fun.  I get right in to tea parties like this.
I made myself a heart necklace and earring set.
I bought a red hat at a flea market here in town to wear.  I cleaned it all up with a lint removed and a damp cloth.  It was pretty dusty.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a red feather, a sparkly butterfly, some red flowers and some other little feathers and decorated the hat to my liking.  It fit beautifully and looked amazing. Everyone just loved my new red hat!!!

I had a red dress in the closet that hadn't been worn for a long time.  It matched my hat and jewelry just perfectly!

This is Wanda.  She is the owner, along with her husband, Jim. She was also our waitress/hostess and what a lovely lady she is, so gracious and elegant. 
This picture is a bit blurry but I think you can make it out ok.  We had chicken salad croissants and cucumber/dill sandwiches.  Chocolate brownies, mini doughnuts and pink velvet cupcakes were on the second tier.  On the top tier was fruit cups and cream filled strawberries.  We also had scones, which she brought out first on a separate plate, WARM, yum!   
This is Joann.  I met her through Shirley at a Bronco party.  Her and Shirley have been friends for years.  I actually knew her son Greg when I was growing up but didn't know she was his mother until we started talking one day at one of our football parties. What a small world.
This is my friend Joyce.  I graduated from high school with her.  I met up with her again when I worked for the County.  She is a great friend and I so enjoy her company. 

This is Marva, my mother.  She looked so pretty in her red sweater.  She just turned 80 in January. Was glad she was able to attend the tea with us.

This is my friend Shirley.  I have known her for several years.  I met her when I worked at the DOT
 years and years ago.  She will turn 80 in April.  I see another tea party in the making. She bought her hat at the same flea market the same day I got mine and she got a matching purse too.

We all brought little valentine presents for each person, this was mine.  I filled them with Valentine's Day M&M's.  Joann made sugar cookies for everyone, YUM, Joyce brought us each a coffee mug with a little plush teddy bear inside, my mother brought a little goody bag with a heart shaped pencil sharpener (that works really well, I might add) and a heart decorated rubik's cube, so cute, and Shirley brought each of us a box of flower seeds.  Can hardly wait for spring so I can plant them!!

We had such a great time. The food was fabulous an the tea even better.  I had Bourbon Street Vanilla.  It was a decaffeinated roobis tea and it was so good.  
So Valentine's Day has come and gone again for another year but what a great time we had.  I hope you had a great one as well.



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Good to know about your valentine’s day tea party. Recently, I arranged my friend’s birthday party at one of the exemplary event venues. Decorated venue with beautiful flowers and ornaments and ordered a yummy 3 tier cake. Had great time there.

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