Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Day/Another Dollar

My boss told me today, that's another penny, not a dollar, ain't that the truth. Just got back from the gym. That water feels so good, and I feel so good after my workout, wish I knew why it takes and act of congress to get me there. It really makes me feel better all around. I think maybe it's because I would rather be here in my little craft haven playing with paper, lol. Have been making some more note card sets, a lady at work ordered another set and while I was making hers, I remembered I have a sister that has a birthday this month, maybe she would like one of those. She's an avid scrapbooker and card maker as well, so she might just like the idea. I made her a set last night. I have to finish the box they go in so when I'm finished, I'll post some pictures of it. I may make her one of those memo boards also. The ones they are making out of a cookie sheet. Will have to find some really cute magnets to put on it. Will check that out this weekend. Well, better get at that box. Hope this finds you well and happy!!


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