Sunday, August 16, 2009

Message Board

I hope my little sister doesn't follow my blog, she'll know what she's getting for her birthday before it gets to her, lol. This is the message board I made for her. It supposedly will match her kitchen colors. I hope she likes it. It turned out pretty cute. I like it better with the "bling" on it. I even made magnets (out of chipboard) to match. I was going to go to the gym now that I was done with this but it has just started pouring rain, maybe I'll hold off for a little while longer. Good excuse for not going to the gym, hugh?? That little storm is headed for the panhandle and my nephew is coming our way through Atlanta, GA this afternoon. I have been following him on facebook but he only reads it at night when he's in the motel. I hope he is keeping an eye to the sky. Say a prayer for his safety!!!


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