Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Christmas Time Again, Yeah!!

Well I'm all decorated for Christmas. I don't normally decorate this early but I am hosting the Annual Christmas Tea Party again this year and the only date every one was available was the 5th, that's next weekend. Had to take advantage of this 4 day weekend to get everything ready. All I will have to do next Saturday is cook. We will be having tea sandwiches of course and I found a gingerbread scone recipe in one of my tea magazines so will use that. Have already made a couple of dessert delicasies and froze them but will make a few more. I love to bake around the holidays, only problem is I eat most of it myself. Have probably gained a few pounds already, lol. Better go to the gym this afternoon to try and keep up with all the holiday goodies. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day.
I trust every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving? We had a very nice one. My daughter and her boyfriend were here, as well as a friend of mine that doesn't have any family here. We all enjoyed our turkey and all the trimmings right down to the delicious homemade cherry pie. Mine even had vanilla ice cream on top, yummy!!!


kandistar said...

Wow your Christmas decorations are beautiful, I'm coming to your house for Christmas lol just kidding!

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