Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Gift

It has been a rainy dreary day here all day today so I have been busy inside creating. I have gotten way far behind in my gift giving this year. The move sat me back for quite a few months. I was quite disappointed in my the little house that I rented. The property manager was very dishonest with me about the whole thing so I am stuck here until my lease expires next Feb. Am trying to make the most of it. It runs along the same lines as most of the other luck I have had in my life, if it weren't for bad luck, I'd wouldn't have any at all. Am trying to be thankful to just have a roof over my head and a job with which to keep it up. My latest creation is a gift for one of my tea ladies. I had made a resolution at the beginning of the year to not only remember all the ladies in my tea group on their birthdays but to gift each one as well. I have fallen way short of my resolution. I still have three more to "create" for but at least I'm crafting again. This is a magnetic message board made from a cookie sheet. The lady it is for has redone her kitchen in black, red and white, as well as rooster motifs. She is in to wine and cooking as she owns a catering business called "Special Thymes". I hope she likes it.


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