Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tall Ships

A co-worker and I went to see the "tall ships" at the Port of Tampa last week. Those huge boats have always been fascinating to me since I moved to Florida in 2004. I have driven by the Port of Tampa for all the years I've been here going to work and coming home on the crosstown (upper deck). You can see for ever when you are up on the upper deck of the crosstown (more on that later). There were three ships that were here, one was from Uruguay and one was the US Coast Guard and I don't remember the other one. The one we saw at the port was the US Coast Guard one called the Eagle.You can kinda see the "eagle" head on the from of the ship. Find the yellow building on the right side of the photo. Just off the left tip of the roof is a small and I mean small little spot of gold, do you see it? That's the front of this ship, it's that long. Here's a shot of the "eagle head". Oh and that's my co-worker Sandra, say hi!! It was awesome to see up close and personal. Here are a few more shots of it.


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