Monday, July 5, 2010

MoJo Monday #146

This is the first MoJo Monday card I have done in a long time. My friend, Beth, came over to make cards with me today and so I decided to try my hand at the "mojo" again. I was off today and it was another rainy dreary day here so was a good day to have a friend over and stay in side. Beth even brought some goodies for us. Besides lunch she brought the fixings to make two blueberry pies. One for us to eat and one for her to take to some other friends. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! She even brought some peach ice cream to put on the top. Didn't think I would care for the combination but it actually was really good. Hope you have a great evening. It's back to work for me tomorrow. (NOTE: I have no clue why the words are underlined up to a certain point. Another blogger mystery, I guess)


Charmin said...

Very nice card! I love the stamp! Did you just cut around it or is it a die?

Jody said...

Thanks Charmin, actually, that's not a stamp. It's one of those resist embossed die cuts that we bought over in St. Pete, I think, when you were here. There were like six in a package. I inked over the top of it to match my card and traced around it on some cardstock and cut it out a 1/4" wider to make the mat. Glad you like it.

Charmin said...

Very cool! And I even have one of those. Tee hee!

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