Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newest Creation

Good Morning peeps, here is what I have been working on for a couple of weeks now. I wanted a new frilly dress for my next tea party and I couldn't find one in the stores. Not that I looked REAL hard, a shopper I am not. I decided to make one. Went to the fabric store and found this cute little number, not realizing that it had no buttons or buttonholes to be made, no zipper, no snaps, no hems, etc. It is a wrap around of sorts and so that's all that was needed, two sashes to tie with, yeah! The more I worked with it the better I liked it, easy-peasy!! Of course, I'd be making the one that has purple in it, lol! No really, the pink one doesn't have any sleeves and let's face it, I am getting old lady arms, so have to have some sort of sleeve. The b/w one had a regular longer sleeve, which I thought was too much for the airy feel of the dress so I went with the cap sleeve, perfect! Oh and BTW, have you seen the price of patterns lately??? OMG, I paid almost as much for the pattern as I did for the fabric. Will watch that in the future. Coupons, ladies, coupons!!! It said they were on sale but the original price was over $15 so the sale was not that much better. If I plan on doing any more sewing, I will definitely not be buying a pattern without a half off coupon or something!!! The fabric I found was a medium brown color with pink flowers and blue leaves. Sounds kinda weird hugh, but it was really pretty fabric. And it was on sale at Hancock's, works for me. It only took me two weekends to get it done. The hardest part, if you could call it that, was sewing the seam binding on all sides, which made for no hems. I did the light pink seam binding, really, really cute and so easy to do. Anyway, here's the dress. I'll take more pictures at the tea party so you will actually be able to see it on me. Hope you have a great Sunday! Oh yea and GO BRONCOS!!! Wouldn't you know that one of their very few TV appearances would be during my dang tea party, crap!!! Actually, I don't really know that they are going to show that game, but they are playing the Jaguars in Jacksonville, (wish I had tickets to that game) which are a FL team so it would only stand to reason that they would show that in FL, right?? Especially since they have blacked out the Bucs game today. From what I understand you can't GIVE AWAY Bucs tickets these days, lol. Maybe they will have a TV on at the tea room, lol!!! Hugs,


Charmin said...

Love the dress! Looks short, is it? How does it fit? Great job!

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