Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Uninvited Guest

Do you see the red cardinal in the picture? I was helping my daughter and her boyfriend move yesterday and we had the front door propped open and in flew this beautiful red cardinal. He originally perched himself on the mirror wall and then tried to get through each "mirror". When that didn't work he flew over to grandma and grandpa's picture and sat up there a minute. He looked so "devine" up there that I decided to get a picture but by the time I grabbed the camera and got it turned on, he had flown down into the craft room. I wanted to get a close up shot of him but of course that was out of the question. By the time I got the camera on him, everybody else was watching him too and it must have scared the shit out of him because he took a dump on the back door and a file folder got it too. He started flying vigorously back and forth across the back of the house and finally flew back out the front door. Nothing like a little excitement on moving day, lol!!!


Charmin said...

Did you know that some people believe that cardinals represent our loved ones that have passed. Not as in their spirit but that God is taking care of your loved ones. My coworker told me that when I showed her this picture!

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