Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday Tea Party-Stormy Sunday

Good Morning everyone! It is cloudy and rainy here in good ol' Florida this morning. Remnants of Hurricane Irene, naw, she's long gone as far as we are concerned, just a little thunder boommer moving to the east. I will say we need to pass along a few prayers for all those that did feel the rath of Hurricane Irene. So glad it didn't make land fall as a 3 or 4 storm, they are so scary. Looks like the sun may come out later so I'll just hide out in my craft room until then. We did get to enjoy some sunshine yesterday. The tea ladies and I met for our monthly tea up at Angel's Tea Room in Dade City. What a cute, quaint little town. Soooooo many antique shops and things to look at. The tea was absolutely delightful. The two ladies that were working it did an excellent job of taking care of our every need and the food was divine. Excellent chicken salad and the scones were to die for, yum!!! Lots of food too, had to bring half of it home, but that's ok, made for a nice quick dinner. Oh and I made the outfit too! Doesn't look like much here but the fabric is fall leaves with specks of gold glitter throughout. It turned out really good and it fit so well, almost like it was made for me, ha!!! It was a great day, well worth the trip!! Hope you have a great day as well, Hugs, ~Jody


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