Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble, Gobble said our turkey today.....

Here's a poem that my mother wrote years ago. It has been around my family ever since I can remember. The turkey picture here is one I made this afternoon after reading Tim Holtz's blog this morning. That guy is so creative. I thought my little "Quirky Turkey" turned out pretty good for the first try. I will set him on my table tomorrow for conversation, ha! It's made out of Tim's rosette die and some paper from his 'lost & found' paper pack. I used some scrap canvas and colored him with fired red brick ink and gathered twigs ink. It turned out so darling!!!


“Gobble Gobble”, said our turkey today, instead of November I wish it was May. Yesterday I was King of the Coop, today is the day I get put in the soup. They fed me well and I’ve enjoyed the year, but suddenly I wish I wasn’t even here. They will have goodies like cranberries and pies and homemade rolls of considerable size. There will be vegetables and sweet potatoes too; they’re looking forward to seeing you. Meanwhile here as I strut through the yard, what I am seeing is really hard. A hatchet is raised and his steps are fierce, and suddenly my legs are in reverse. As you know reverse is not full speed ahead and I must shift gears or I am dead. I take a step forward and slip right in it and wonder just why in the world I did it. I find myself wishing I could sidestep his gait, and as he dreams of roast turkey I’ll wait. Till he slips and falls and loses the hatchet, I’ll make a quick turn and try to catch it. Then I’ll turn on him with a breath of gust and he’ll find himself down facing the dust. This turkey will run as fast as I can and he will be dreaming of Hickory Smoked ham.

-Marva Smith (1964)

I got off work early today so came home and made my cherry pie for tomorrow. I had to cover it with a towel so I would stay out of it, IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!! Is it disrespectful to serve a pie that has one piece missing already?? (LOL) Ok, ok, I won't if I can keep my mouth from watering. I enjoyed a glass of homemade White Sangria while I was making the pie. Maybe I'll just have another one of those instead.

I wasn't going to go shopping on Friday either, that is until I received an email from my local scrapbooking store saying EVERYTHING will be 40% off from 9:30-11 a.m. Friday morning. YOWSER, how can you pass that up. They are have all the newest Tim Holtz stuff too! Even changed a doctor appt. for that, lol!

So...........................really just wanted to say I hope you have a truly grand Thanksgiving Day celebration with your loved ones. Eat, Drink and Be Merry!




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