Sunday, January 6, 2013

Marvelous Mom Card

Hey bloggers, today I have a card that I made for my mother's birthday.  It's always been a bit of a challenge for me to come up with something different for her every year, just three weeks after Christmas.  My creative juices are usually zapped by the time Christmas is over.  This year, make that last year, while I was blogging around looking for Christmas inspirations, I found this cute card that a gal had made with snowmen on it and the trees were off to the right side on a couple of graduated steps.  It was a round card that she had folded in half and then cut the graduated steps out of the top right side.  I kept the page open for a few days looking at it, tediously studying it, trying to come up with an idea with which to incorporate the idea into a birthday card for my mother.  I finally got the time to play around with it a little bit and I came up with this.

Actually her name is Marva and she is my Mom and she is Marvelous, so the "M" worked triple duty.  Below is a different shot so you can kinda see the graduated steps better.  It just dawned on me why I couldn't get the second one to cooperate, it should have come up a little bit more before it folded because the first two steps are the same height, too late now, lol!!!  Old age really sucks some days! 

On the inside of the card I added an additional tag to the first graduated step as part of the sentiment.  It actually folds down when the card is closed.

The brad up on the left hand side holds a little "M" charm that I made out of shrink plastic.

I am sad to report that I forgot to bookmark the page and/or write down where I got it from before I x'ed out of it so I have no clue who to give accreditation to.  I did make a mock-up with measurements and such so if any one wants those just leave me a comment and I will post them.  I applaud her ingenuity though, it's a pretty cool idea.  I really liked how the card came out.  Hope you like it too.

Happy 2013!!!


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