Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baby Mason Jars

Tim had a really good idea on his blog yesterday, using his little baby mason jars for filling with goodies and giving for gifts. I just happen to have some homemade peanut butter fudge sitting on my counter and was scheduled to have lunch with a girlfriend today. So in the spirit of Christmas, I ran over to Hobby Lobby to see if I could get some of the baby mason jars.  SCORE...............they had four or five packages. Armed with my weekly coupon I purchased one package and quickly ran home to wash them out and fill one with said fudge.

I then plugged in the hot glue gun and proceeded to glue a piece of burlap to the top of the lid.  I inked the edges with walnut stain first and then glued it down in a few places around the lid.  Then I strung a little gold bell on a red ribbon and tied it around the burlap with a bow.  I inserted a wreath branch in behind the bell.

I added one of my little gift tags  and tied the little gold thread around the whole thing. 

As I was headed out the door to go to lunch, I remembered to take a photo.  It's not a real good one but you can get the idea. It was quaint and cute and well received!  What a great idea!!


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