Thursday, December 24, 2015


 Have been wanting to make one of these signs for a long time. I purchased a 1x8x10 that was on the clearance rack and had them cut it down to 6'.  Then I sanded down the edges to deter any stickers. I wanted it to be a soft muted blue color so I used white acrylic paint and added some military blue to it and also some black.  I painted both sides and then kinda slapped the paintbrush around to give it some texture.

Then I printed out the letters on my printer at like a size of 770. Then I went around the outline on the back with a dark lead pencil.  I placed each one on the board about 1 1/2 inches apart and outlined each letter. I then painted each one with just white paint.  When dry I outlined each letter with a fine black marker.

 Then I tore apart an old wreath I had in my stash.  I hot glued some of the branches to the top and sides above the 'N'.  I added a good sized red bow and a gold bell that was tied with another little red bow.  I hot glued them on as well.  The I added another little patch of branches as the bottom below the 'L' and added another gold bell.

 Then I found a few small pinecones laying around my house and thought they added that last little touch it needed.

So cute....................for the first one.  There are a few things I would do different but those will have to wait for next time.

Hope you are having a great holiday season!


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