Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Remodel

Good Morning bloggers, I am doing a remodel of the 'ol blog here so bear with me. I'm not really versed in such things and my daughter is not here to help me anymore so I will have to muddle through myself. Got everything pretty much the way I want it now except for the purple title. I will have to work on that later. Have a few other things to get done today as well, like making a butt pillow, lol. I have this sciatic nerve in my right hip problem and I was noticing a couple of weeks ago that I tend to lean to the right when I am sitting down. A chiropractic friend suggested I change my posture when I am sitting by putting a pillow under one butt cheek. Sounded good to me so I have been trying out all the pillows around my house to see which one will work the best, NADA, they are all too big, I believe. The smallest pillow I own! Sooooo, I will make one just for this occasion. Found a bag of batting in the sewing cubbies and have a tub full of fabric so we'll see what I can come up with. The fact that it did really help the pain in my right thigh has encouraged me. It has thrown everything else off in my back so I had to go for another treatment yesterday at the chiropractor but I think everything is re-aligned now so I will just have to carry around my little pillow.I found a piece of green crushed velvet in my stash so cut a 14 x 10 piece. I sewed a seam down one side and across the top and left the other side open. Gently stuffed the batting in the open side and sewed it shut. Voila', a butt pillow!!! I hope it helps! Have a great day, Hugs, ~Jody


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