Sunday, February 26, 2012

The TH Pocket Watch

Since the mirror dangly thing in my old truck was from Wyoming days, pre 2004 (a leather star my daughter made and the State of WY Employee Parking permit) I decided to make a new one for my new truck. I used Tim Holtz's pocket watch and embellished it vintage style. I had a metal bow that was once on a key chain that my sister gave me so I revamped it to include a metal heart and key. I put a thin piece of ribbon around the inside of the watch and then with the tail of it I attached the metal bow, heart, key piece. A while back I found a little metal sign at a garage sale that said 'aged to perfection' and so I attached a brad in the hole and placed a crocheted flower under it. Then added an old button to finish out the look. I found a lace shoestring at that garage sale last weekend too, so I distressed it a bit and looped it through the pocket watch and tied it around my rear view mirror in my new little black truck. Then I found a couple of old necklaces that my mom sent me from one of her estate sales and hung them there with it and it looks so, well, VINTAGEY!! Love it! There was an old crocheted doily in the box of stuff I got at the garage sale last weekend, as well. I washed it and fold it over to cover the little hole in it and put it on the dashboard where there is a little nook, where the clock and stuff reads. It looks so cool! Amazing what you can do with a little imagination. Hope you have a great Sunday! Hugs, ~Jody


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