Monday, February 18, 2013

ATC Club-Feb 2013

Good Morning Bloggers, I'm off today for the President's Holiday so I was finishing up my ATC's for the month of Feb.  Our club meets tonight so though that was maybe a good idea, huh? 

Had a busy weekend or rather a busy Saturday.  My daughter was wanting to move back to Tampa so I drove to Valparaiso (sure just when I learned how to spell the name of the town she lived in, lol) Saturday morning leaving at about 5 a.m.  It's a 7 hour drive one way.  Got there about noon (11 her time) and packed up my little truck to the point of bursting at the seams so we had to put a few things on the roof and tie it down with a tarp.  We even had to leave some things behind.  Then we drove straight back.  Got back to Brandon about 10 p.m. and had to unload the truck in to my nephew's house where is going to be staying for a while and then drove back to Largo.  Got home Saturday night about 11:30 p.m and went straight to bed, I was pooped!!!

So yesterday, I kinda layed around.  Did make a few of the hearts and some of the beaded handles while I was lounging but was able to get the remainder of them done this morning.  The hearts started as a 6x6 sheet of cardstock.  It was folded in half both way and them diagonally both ways.

                                      Then it was folded in a diamond shape and then in half.
      Then I cut it like I was cutting a heart out of a folded piece of paper.  Only difference is you are       cutting six layers so be sure and have your trusty heavy duty Tim Holtz scissors handy.

This is what you will have when you open it out.  A four leaf clover, a pink one, lol!
 Next take the two sides that have an 'x' on them and put them back to back
                                                           and squeeze them together.
                                             Then I stapled each side with the tiny-attacher.
     and punched a hole in the center four layers with a hole punch, I think this one was the 1/2 " one.
 I then inked all the edges and decorated them up with a bunch of little punched hearts.
I added a beaded handle made with some twine to each one.  And because there is no back side so to speak, I added my ATC information as a clear label inside one of the cones.
Here is the whole bunch of them together.  They certainly turned out better than I thought they would, how fun!!
 So now that Valentine's Day is over, you have a cute little treat holder to make for next year, lol!
Hope you had a very nice Valentine's Day and hugs and kisses to you all!


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