Saturday, January 23, 2010

2nd Grade Layout

Have been neglecting my daughter's scrapbook lately so thought I'd better do a page or two in her book. Here's one I finished up last night for her 2nd grade class photo. She's the one on the top left with the long strawberry blonde hair. She looks like she freezing hugh? The wind in WY doth blow, lol. Anyway, the lighting was bad but I thought the page turned out pretty cool. I used and old file folder that I got from work. These things have metal tabs and apparently they used to be secured to the drawer with a rod that runs through that hole at the bottom of the folder. Anyway, we have updated to the green hanging file folder so no one wanted those, PICK ME, the pack rat that I am. I think it looks pretty cool. The part with words on the it is just a page out of an old, OLD book I bought at a garage sale one time. The school name is out of scrabble tiles and the ruler is really just a piece of cardstock. I have this really old looking ruler, maybe it was mine in grade school, lol. Anyway, I scanned it and cut it out and roughed up the edges and it looks just like the one I actully have. Good job! The number 2 I cut with the cricut and the "abc sign" I got off the internet. I thought it turned out pretty neat, what do you think?


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