Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Tea Party

Well, I've not been too on the ball lately. I forgot to post the pictures from the January tea party. I know you have just been dying to see them, lol. The theme this month was "peaches and creme". It was held on the 24th at one of the ladies' flip houses that never flipped. The house had been renovated but never sold so it was empty and very nice inside. We had 16 ladies for tea that day and the food was delicious. It even included peach soup! We had a great time. I didn't stay as long as I normally do for a couple of reasons. One, I was about an hour away from home and the last playoff game was starting in about an hour, didn't want to miss that. Yes, I am a huge football fan, you would have never guessed hugh? And the other reason was because this house was empty the echos were awful. It was so loud in there that I couldn't hear my self think. I am deaf in my left ear and it is hard for me to hear anyway but the noise that day in there with 16 ladies chatting up a storm was very loud and it gave me a headache, excuse #2, lol. It was a great time and the hosts did a fabulous job. Thank you ladies.


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