Saturday, January 9, 2010

CTMH Unit Meeting

Man does it ever smell good in here! I just put some chicken in a pot to make some chicken and dumplings and some bread in the bread maker and the smells are heavenly. It is so cold outside here, I think the high here today in Tampa was supposed to be 41ยบ, BBBBBrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! We are not used to this. Have had to pull out all my old Wyoming sweaters and sweatshirts AND SOCKS! My feet haven't seen socks for years, almost 6 to be exact, lol! My toes don't like to be encased in shoes either. I have in-grown toenails and they hurt when they are crammed in a pair of closed toe shoes. Ok, maybe that was a little bit too much information, but it's true. Anyway, you get the idea, IT'S COLD HERE!!!!!!!
I did venture outside today though for a while. Was watching the morning news this morning, which I never do, not sure why I turned on the TV this morning. Actually, yes I do know why I turned on the TV this morning. It was because I wanted to see if it had snowed anywhere here in Florida. It had up in the Northern counties. Not much, NOT LIKE WYOMING anyway! A few people had sent in some pictures of the white stuff on their lanai screens and the hoods of their cars but as far as I was concerned, it didn't REALLY snow. Then they got to talking about all the homeless people that were having a hard time finding a warm place to lay their heads at night and that the shelters were really needing some blankets and coats. Got me thinking, I have a whole closet full of blankets. Maybe I should find out where that shelter is and take some of them over there. We have more than enough. So I gathered up the ones I could do without and as I got to looking around, I also find a couple of coats that had long since been used by us too. Then I called my older sister on the phone and told her what I was going to do and asked if she had anything she could donate. She said she could probably find some stuff so I told her I would come and get them in a couple of hours. I ate some breakfast, took a shower and headed over there to get her stuff. Then I took them to downtown Tampa and dropped them off at the Salvation Army. The place was a buzz. There were people dropping off all kinds of warm blankets and there were volunteers standing at the door to help you unload your stuff. They were quite grateful for the donations. I left with such a good feeling in my heart. I know all that stuff I dropped off will keep someone warm tonight. YEAH!!!!!!!!!
After I left there I went on up my uplines' house for the unit meeting. It was such a great time. We talked about all the new products and even made a few things. She gave us some scraps from one of the new paper paks called "top stitch" and challenged us to make a card. She gave us three ink pads, baby pink, chocolate and vineyard berry and the stamp set #D1402 called "togetherness". This is what I came up with. Everyone's was so different. It was fun to see what other people come up with. They never cease to amaze me. We had so much fun, thanks Adeline!
Then she showed us how to make an easel card. I have been seeing alot of them pop up on other peoples's blogs but had never tried to make one before. It turned out so cute. I really like the idea and was sure to keep the directions, so I could re-produce when need be. We used the new "you rock" paper pak and stamp set #C1388 called "rock star". There are some really pretty papers in this pak. The photo on the left is the card opened up hince the "easel" name. The photo on the right is the card laying down so you can kinda see how it's put together. Pretty cool hugh? Let me know what you think!


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