Thursday, September 22, 2011

How about...............

I have to tell you this funny story. I was driving to work this morning like I do every morning down this long stretch of road that has recently become a construction zone, uuuggghhhhhhh, and the signs say will be for the next 2 years, UUUUGGGHHHHHHHH! Anyway, I was following this person, don't know if it was a man or a woman driving, but it was a burgundy colored mid size car. On the back of the vehicle was this bumper sticker at about trunk level and it said......... how about a nice cup of shut the f___ up!!! OMG, I laughed so hard. Some people think I'm such a hard ass but let me tell ya, I have nothin' on the person that owns THAT car. I took a picture of it with my superior Wal-mart track phone and sent it to my home email address but guess what ??? it didn't make the trip. Not sure where it ended up but I certainly hope I don't know the person who received it. LOL Not sure you could have read it anyway, the light was awful, etc. So, ya, that was my funny start to my day! The sun was shining, the music was good and it turned out to be a terrific day. Hope yours was just as enjoyable! Hugs, ~Jody


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