Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sneak Peek #2

Ok, so I've spent most of the day in my craft room playing with my new "door decor" today. I have to admit, it is turning out really cute. See what you think of the first panel? The little black caldron I made out of sculpey clay, ha! Even had a handle made out of wire and brown sculpey clay. The little shelf is just a piece of trim molding from the miniatures department and all the bottles were from a piece of scrapbooking paper I scanned and then printed on cardstock and cut each one out. I popped them up with different size pop dots so they would look 3 dimensional. How cute is that???? The eye hook holding the 'W-wicked' token is from Home Depot. The "B" I cut with my cricut and covered it with glitter and then hair spray so the glitter wouldn't get all over. It kinda works! The feathery trim is some yarn my daughter had that she said was to hard to crochet with so she gave it to me. It looks just perfect on there, I thought! On to panel #2.......................... Yesterday, I was invited to Jimmie B's to hear the band "GreenFlash" play. If you don't know of Jimmie B's, it's a beach bar in St. Petersburg. A cool little place to catch some rays, have a couple of cocktails and listen to some really good 'ol tunes. And there's Ms. Barbara jamming to the music. She's the one that invited me. Her husband is Marty, the one in the baby blue shirt. It was a great time. Thanks for the invite Barbara!!! On the way over there, a draw bridge had gone up at John's Pass to let a big boat through. It was cool to see. It's not something that you see every day, at least I don't, so here's a few shots of it. And then we were on our way! Hope your Labor Day weekend is going great!!! Hugs, ~Jody


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