Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sneak Peek #3

Good Evening Bloggers, have been putting the finishing touches on panel #2. Sooooo cool!!! I just love the new tokens and adornments that Tim Holtz has out. I was able to pick those up at my LSS last weekend as well as the new Christmas ones too. This panel turned out just as well, if not better, than the first one. The spider webs were embossed with black and the fuzzy orange thread around the outside came in a halloween scrapbook paper pack that I got for free at one of the 'garage sales' that Scraporium has. A lady had it on her table for sale and when I picked it up and looked at it she said oh that's been used, you can just have it! Worked for me, the thread matches the black that my daughter gave me and there is enough to use it two times and I have four panels, all together. I'm thinkin' two orange and two black, whatcha think??? Anyway, here's panel #2 Thanks for stopping by! I'll be working on panel #3 this weekend and I'm sure I'll have to make a trip to Whimsodoodle. They are calling my name and it's only Thursday, lol!!! Hugs, ~Jody


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