Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101-Day Nine

Day 9 had some pretty cool techniques on it to. The Perfect Distress Mist technique I had kinda tried before. Some one had given me a set of PearlEx powders a few years back and I had mixed some with water and spritzed a couple of projects before. I have never added them to reinkers though so this was a good one to try. I played around with the powders and the reinker colors and this is what I got. You, of course, can't see the shimmer from the photo but it looks pretty cool, kind of Eastery colors, I thought! The second technique, Perfect Distress Technique was a really cool one. I especially liked the way the distress ink wicked out from underneath the powder. I over did the misting on mine (or wasn't fast enough with the heat gun) but the technique is still visible. I will definitely use this one again. Very Cool!!! The third one for day nine was a Perfect Splatter Distress technique. Mine didn't turn out as good as Tim's did but it will work for the demo. I like the white parts of Tim's so I will have to perfect my style on this one.
Perfect Distress Mist Technique Perfect Distress Technique Perfect Splatter Distress Technique


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