Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101-Day Six

Awww, Day 6, this is where I really hit a snag. I don't have very good markers and what I do have are very old. Like I said earlier, I'm not much in to coloring so I don't really use markers alot. Some of them are from CTMH and I don't have the reinkers for those and they are kinda dry. The others were bought at Michael's when I first started doing this about 7 years ago, if that tells ya anything. So................... needless to say, the whole 'marker' technique thing didn't work out well for me. I did the first one and was very dissatisfied with it so I didn't do the other two. I am playing with the idea of investing in some more markers just haven't decided which ones to go with yet. I did like the way he worked with the Distress Markers so that will play in to my decision. If and when that time comes, I will do the other two techniques so I have them in my collection.
Watercolor with Markers Technique Blending with Markers Technique Stamping with Markers Technique
See, my colors are not blended at all. The more I tried the worse it got. The green one at the bottom is where the paper started to get roughed up. That is when I gave up, lol!


Contagiously Crafty said...

I, too, struggled with the markers blending. I think it is the type of paper. Tim's manilla is coated differently. Either way, your result is still beautiful, even if it doesn't acheive the look Tim demo'd. You should be proud still.

Jody said...

Thank You Crafty! You made me feel a whole lot better about this one with just this one comment!! Hugs to you!!!

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