Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101-Day Two

Well, I finally have time to post my creations from the Creative Chemistry class. It's hard to do all that and keep up when you have to work full time, lol!!! So........................ Without further delay, here is Day 2 (Day 1 was a training sort of day-Demos started on Day 2)
First up is the Blended Distress/Spritz & Flick Technique Second is the Brushless Watercolor Third is the Wrinkle-Free Distress
I had played around a few times with two of these techniques but never had any instruction on how they were actually done. Love the step by step directions Tim gives. He's a great teacher!


Sari Hänninen said...

Nice work... Tim Holtz is just great, isn't he :-)
Thanx 4 stopping by...

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